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May 23rd-25th: MCM Expo Comic con, London.

July 2014:
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April 2014
* The Wastelands is now free to read on Global Manga Initiative
March 2014
* The Wastelands is now free to read on InkBlazers, Smackjeeves and Tapastic!
* The Wastelands Rahu is now available for sale at Comixology and also part of the 100 comic bundle (limited until March 10th).

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I'm mainly digitally focused in my work, here is a selection different styles and pieces.

To see a larger range of my work, check out my tumblr

Digital illustrations and comic projects!

For more information on every project, see my Behance portfolio.

Deals North, 2013.
Corgi illustrations for the gaming website DESTRUCTOID's Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas sales catalogue Deals North

Project OFF. 2013.
Series of landscape illustrations inspired by Mortis Ghost's RPG game, OFF.

Radio Workshops, 2013.
Promotional client work the school radio youth project.

Rolling Stage Hire, 2013.
Promotional client work for Rolling Stage hire.

Namaste Guest House. 2013
Promotional client work for Namaste guest house in Rio, Brazil.

Underneath the Juninper Tree. 2013
Client work for the gothic children's magazine, Underneath the Juniper Tree.

TF2 Halloween. 2012.
Personal mini project based on Valve's Team Fortress 2 characters.

What's the time, Mrs Woolf. 2012 (ongoing)
Client work for British feminest zine, What's the Time Mrs Woolf?

Project Noir girls. 2012
Personal work, available for sale in the store.

Impact Artists. 2011
Client work for Impact Artists. Artwork used pitch for underwater theatre group performance "Cirque de la Mer"

Amelia's Magazine. 2010-2012
Client work for Amelia's Magazine
Illustrations covering various designers, including catwalk pieces from London Fashion Week '10, '11 & '12.

The Wastelands iOS app mock. A "point and click" styled puzzle adventure game based on my webcomic.

2014. Undead Journey.
Dark Souls fanbook.
52 pages.
B/W inside with full gloss cover.
Self published and available for sale.
Also available for digital download at Comicsy.

2014. The Moving House: Submersi Vindictium.
Original short short.
28 pages.
B/W with matt cover.
Self published | SOLD OUT
Available for digital download at Comicsy.

2013. The Moving House: Flamma Veneficium.
Original short story.
20 pages.
B/W with matt cover.
Self published and available for sale.
Available for digital download at Comicsy.

Written by Senior Sam. Published by Comixology.

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2013. OFF project.
Various short scenes based on Mortis Ghosts' "OFF". Published on tumblr .

2012. Ayden Lamia: Enduring Witch Tea.
Self published, available for digital downloadComicsy.

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2011-2013: The Wastelands: Rahu.
Published online at Manga Magazine.
Also available to read online at Tapastic, Smackjeeves
Physical copies for sale at my store and available as ebook at Comixology.

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2011 Ongoing: The Wastelands.
Published online at Manga Magazine

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2011. Cleaner Sky.
Published by Inspired comics

2011 OLLIO6 contribution with Pittville Press Volume 6

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2011 DmC; Genetics: Devil May Cry reboot (Ninja Theory/CAPCOM) fan comic

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2011 DmC; Genetics: Devil May Cry reboot (Ninja Theory/CAPCOM) fan comic

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2010 Coffée: Published by Inspired comics

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2010 Bus Stop: bande dessin final project. Also English translation published by Mrs.Woolf

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2010 Phobia: bande dessin antho project

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2010 Project SAVIOR: Devil May Cry4 (Capcom) fanbook

2009 He's not that into you: Published by !Qzine

2009: Saturday afternoon alley shoppe; Published by Inspired comics

2008: Just one Bite: Published by Inspired comics

2008 Sun cafe & Moon cafe: French/English compilation project